Welcome to ABW Medical – We have worked with over 300 athenahealth Medical Groups

ABW supports over 3,500 athenahealth providers in 40-plus states. We are dedicated to helping medical groups capture More Revenue, More Time and More Peace of Mind. Bottomline, we know athenahealth solutions, know how to clean-up Hold Buckets and Deliver Results. ABW Medical is a Strategic Alliance partner of athenahealth, the first eco-system service partner and a Platinum Sponsor at athenahealth's User Conference.

We support medical groups working in 40-plus states and work with practices ranging in size from single providers to large hospitals. The ABW team is unique, with deep experience in athenaNet, practice management and business. The ABW team includes practice managers, prior athenahealth employees and personnel that have significant experience working with the athenaNet solution for five plus years. We are athenaNet users that know how to leverage the athenaNet platform to deliver results for your medical group.

ABW's founder and executive chairman Mathew Frazer and CEO Todd Perri are both Stanford Business School graduates, with extensive backgrounds in both corporate business, RCM and medical practice management. Mathew managed a multi-million dollar medical practice and consulted with practices across the country. His business career includes CEO of Silicon Valley start-up (sold to Avaya), Vice President at Fortune 200, Alcatel/Lucent, and positions at Netscape Communications and Goldman Sachs. Todd founded and managed a nationwide RCM company and joined ABW in 2018 bringing in 20+ years of experience.

ABW Delivers Results – Making Life Better for Providers, Patients and Staff

ABW's focus is to deliver results. We are committed to helping you collect the maximum amount of revenue while creating more time for you and your team and ultimately reducing stress for the practice. You deserve to get paid!

We employ staff experienced in athenahealth processes who perform the day-to-day co-sourcing activities within athenaNet (e.g. co-sourcing activities like authorizations, benefit verification, work hold buckets, data abstraction, unpostables, etc.).

We strive to make life better for providers, staff and patients.

Why We Partnered With athenahealth

ABW Medical partnered with athenahealth because it is simply a superior PM/EMR.

  • Patented First, Best, and Most Complete Rules Engine
  • Fully-integrated Solution (athenaOne, athenaMailbox, etc.)
  • Fully scaled industry-leading Client Success Management team
  • Highly Robust Reporting Engine - Real Time Access to Key Data to help the practice collect more revenue
  • True Cloud Based Architecture
  • Great People and Great Culture


  • “I would not have survived without ABW Medical”
    - Billing Manager – 20 Person Department – $20 Million Practice

  • “We love ABW !”
    – athenahealth Account Manager

  • “We have utilized the services of ABW by outsourcing the Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) tasks (i.e. authorizations and benefit verifications) that bogged down the daily workflow in our practice. Our office is now running more smoothly and we schedule more densely without creating an impact on our front office staff. Their staff is proficient, efficient and quick to respond to our requests.”
    -Mary Anne, Office Manager

  • “I’m really thankful for you and your vision . Hope is powerful to both patients and doctors alike. In a very real sense, I submit to being your patient. And I have hope.”
    -Dr. Valerie B – Surgeon

  • “ABW has been an invaluable resource. With their help, I get the most out of athenaCollector and athenaClinicals.”
    David M, MD, Dermatologist

  • “Your results are phenomenal.  The best results for any of my covered practices”
    - athenahealth Account Manager

  • “Thank you so much.  Your advice and guidance helped us turn around our practice.”
    -Deborah L-B – RN/Office Manager-Internal Medicine

  • “God Bless ABW.  You guys saved my practice”
    -Dr. Linda M – Gastroenterology

  • “Thank you very much for going the extra-mile and  for your excellent teamwork with athenaNet.  You have really helped me and my practice.”
    -Bee K, MD – Internal Medicine

  • “ABW is extremely professional. After my billing manager abruptly quit, we were overwhelmed. ABW staff seamlessly stepped in and we did not lose a beat with our billings and collections. I highly recommend them.”
    - Anthony S, M.D., Sports Medicine

  • “Now, even I am impressed! If we can keep up this level of collections on an ongoing basis, by making other improvements, and do a few other things to increase revenues, we may have a profitable practice next year.  Matt, you(ABW) are a savior.  And you can quote me on that.”
    -Dr. Floyd R – Internal Medicine, Clinical Faculty, Harvard and CU Medical Schools

  • “Thanks so much for helping out with this (AR collection).  Your team really did an amazing job getting my finances sorted out in a relatively short time.  I was very gratified to see how well you were able to do this and how you were able to get collections from accounts that I was getting ready to write off.”
    -Nathaniel C, MD – Orthopedics

  • “Thanks to ABW’s integration with our staff and athenaCollector and athenaClinicals, our denial rates are down 60% and collections are up!”
    Brian M, DPM, Podiatrist

  • “Your spreadsheets for TOS worked wonderfully day one: thank you so much!!”
    -Jill H  – Owner/COO – 25 provider Primary Care/Alternative Medicine Medical Practice

  • “You guys are awesome.  I don’t know what we would have done without ABW”
    -Ginger Z – Manager – Gastroenterology

  • “Mathew’s combination of business acumen and practice management experience is extremely unique.  ABW and his expertise has greatly enhanced our practice”
    -Dr. Tony M – Neurology/Sleep

  • “Absolutely LOVE you guys Mathew!! Thanks for all the fantastic work!! Let’s go for 400K/month!!! Yes!! ”
    -Dr. Mike B – Chiro – Turn Around Situation

  • “ABW made my life easier.”
    Maya T, MD  - Neurologist

  • “Thank Goodness they are working with ABW Medical”
    -athenahealth Account Manager

  • “ABW Medical has allowed our providers and staff to focus on what really matters….patient care. Our staff is less likely to feel overwhelmed by tasks since ABW Medical assist in minimizing our daily workflow.”
    - Karla M, Office Manager

  • “Thank you! This is working out beautifully and we really appreciate your (Time-of-Service system). Speak with you soon and please continue to advise of any issues. Thank you again!”
    - Cris K – Manager – Five Physician Pediatrics Practice

  • “It has been a delight working with ABW. When they first arrived at our office, we were in complete disarray, after their extensive hard work and dedication, our office is now thriving and successful. We could have not done it without them.”
    Angelica G, Front Office Supervisor

  • “I would just like to say thank you for everything that ABW has done for our business in the last few months. Our operations have become more efficient and our customer service has improved dramatically for our patients. Every medical practice needs a team as wonderful and responsive as yours.”
    Leah H, Operations Manager

  • “Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you for the time and energy you and your company are putting into this for us. I can see the difference already and I’m excited as we continue to move forward.”
    -Julia H – Billing Manager – 9 provider, 10 offices – Primary Care practice

  • ABW took me from my worst year to my best year.  ABW selected and implemented athenaCollector in 2009 and subsequently the entire athenahealth suite.  Thanks to ABW, my practice now delivers outstanding financial results and I have more time to do what I love – practice medicine, take care of my staff and spend more time with my family.”
    -Aaron M, M.D.,  Pulmonologist/Sleep

  • “I am very, very grateful and don’t know what we would have done without ABW”
    -Dr. I.H. – Cardiology

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